05 Dec 2018

DPF Delete

What is DPF Delete (Diesel Particulate Filter Delete)?


Advances in diesel technology have increased the efficiency of newer engines. Even so, diesel soot particles still exist. Clean or replace your DPF as soon as the maintenance mileage has been reached. If the DPF filter is not replaced, or cleaned, it can damage your truck engine. Rather than replace or clean the DPF, some owners consider a Diesel Particulate Filter Delete. A DPF delete, is when the DPF (and sometimes the DOC) are removed from the vehicle altogether.

Cleaning or replacing a DPF can take an hour or more, but driving with a clogged filter can result in huge repair and towing bills. Deleting the DPF can increase a vehicles performance, adding horsepower and increasing fuel mileage. That’s why some people like the idea of just getting rid of the DPF altogether.


Does a DPF delete increase pollution?


Yes, it does. A Diesel Particulate Filter Delete drastically increases emissions and the pollution expelled from your truck or diesel vehicle. Soot and particles release into the air through the exhaust pipe because there is no filter to trap the diesel particulate matter once a dpf delete has taken place. These particles cause damage to people’s respiratory systems. This worsens existing health problems like asthma, bronchitis, and heart disease.

Global warming accelerates because greenhouse gases and diesel exhaust are significant contributors. Diesel is a primary culprit, even with emissions control systems in place.


Is a DPF delete legal?


Emissions technology is the law. It is not legal to perform DPF delete on a vehicle registered for on road use. If you have a race vehicle or farm vehicle used strictly off-road, a delete is legal. Be sure to check local and federal laws before deleting your diesel vehicle.

If you do decide on a DPF delete, keep these issues in mind:


  • You get a big fine when your truck fails emissions tests because of the Diesel Particulate Filter Delete.
  • Dealerships frequently refuse to service a vehicle with a previous DPF delete.
  • The trade-in value of your diesel vehicle drops. After a Diesel Particulate Filter Delete dealerships or new owners pay the $3,000 to $4,000 for a new DPF install.