What we do


We save parts, service and operations managers (just like you) time by managing their DPF, DOC and Catalyst recycling. We recycle DPF’s, DOC’s and Catalysts for all types of companies in the Automotive, Trucking and Transportation industries. We are here to offer our expertise and save you time by managing all your DPF, DOC and Catalyst recycling needs. LEARN MORE

Our Recycling Process


One call does it all. Once your parts are ready for transport, we do the rest.

  1. Your pickup is scheduled.
  2. Your parts are transported to SCRAP.
  3. Your parts are sorted.
  4. Your payment is sent.

Why Recycle?


When a DPF, DOC or Catalyst reaches the end of its useful life cycle, it is important to recycle it properly. When these parts are recycled properly, it helps the environment in two major ways.

Recycling reduces pollution


A Diesel Particulate Filter or “DPF” traps particulate matter that is harmful to humans. When a DPF is recycled properly, the harmful diesel particulate matter is not released into the environment in a way that has a negative impact on air quality.

Recycling reduces Erosion


The insides of Diesel Particulate Filters and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst are manufactured with a wash coat that contains PGM’s. (Platinum Grade Metals) It take about 5 – 10 metric tons of raw ore to produce just 1 oz. of these metals. When you choose to recycle your DPF’s & DOC’s properly, it reduces the erosion that is caused by the mining of PGM ore.

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